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Welcome to New England web solutions by Sean Dempsey. I provide a number of services and tools designed to benefit small businesses and non-profits.

I tailor my services to New England clients, but can work with you regardless of your physical location. I am localized out of the Dover / Portsmouth area in New Hampshire, US.

Need a Website?

I can build one for you. I have been creating websites for over 22 years and have the necessary experience and tools allowing you to be up and online quickly! Please click here for a rundown of the website-creation process and pricing.
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Need a (new) Webmaster?

I will maintain your website! I provide my services as an experienced Webmaster and designer. I will alter your existing pages using specs you provide so that you do not need to spend hours playing with web-authoring tools or attempt to master HTML. Instead, I help you take your hands off the technical controls and focus on what you should be spending your time: running your business.
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Web Consulting

I can provide consulting for your business. This means I will work with you and provide my expertise in order to make your current website or business model as user-friendly, robust, and sucessful as possible.

As a consultant I will recommend (and implement) proven-effective processes and technology to make your business a success.

If needed, I can help design & implement databases for your business. I can help setup authentication or permissions on restricted areas. I can recommend solutions based on standards and best-practices Learn more...

Web Development

With 19 years of experience building dynamic websites, I have grown adept at developing effective solutions. I am confident I can implement and/or build any feature, tool, or application you require.

I specialize in providing database-driven "admin tools," equipping you to manage your website and the various tools within it.
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My Experience

With a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (concentrating in Management Information Systems) and a minor in Computer Science, I have been involved in the web space for over 22 years. I have worked hands-on with a large number of businesses and non-profits, enabling them to reach effective, web-based solutions tailored to their specific needs.

My Availability

What sets me apart from other web developers or consultants (besides my expertise and experience) is that I guarantee to maintain open lines of communication at all times. I also promise to truly listen to your business wants and requirements.

I will communicate openly through phone, email, web conferencing, or even travel to speak to you in person if necessary. Clear communication is the staple of my business.

If there is an immediate concern or problem, you may contact me at 3:00am if need be; I am dedicated to your needs!

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My Proficiencies: PHP, mySQL database management, database design, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML
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