Sean Dempsey

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Sean Michael Dempsey is a very stern and serious individual. Though dogmatic and considerably harsh in all respects, he has been known to display a softer side, on occasion...once even steering out of the way to avoid hitting a baby chipmunk while driving down Canterbury street.

As for his personal life, Sean is proactive in many groups and organizations, including The Arm-wresting Federation of America, Loud Canvas Media, & The Ashton Kutcher Fanclub. In addition to this, he is a three-time world champion at Professional badminton--having taken home 8 consecutive silver medals since 2013.

Sean was a student of the Business School at The University of Vermont. When questioned about his overall performance in academics, Professor Stephen J. Jackson, Ph.D said of him, ...Sean Dempsey, eh...? I do not believe I have him in any of my classes...

Despite his austere demeanor and hectic schedule, Sean still finds time to give back to the community. In his free time Sean volunteers part time in local Hospice centers, old-folks homes, community shelters, blood drives, and charity outlets. He also devotes 53 minutes of each day to walking elderly ladies across the street.

Justin Rigby III of Dover, New Hampshire said the following when questioned about Sean: I was in the checkout line at the grocery store with Sean about four weeks ago. I accidentally dropped a can of soup on the floor while trying to put it on the conveyor belt. Sean picked it up for me and said, "Here you dropped your delicious can of soup."

Sean enjoys things like food, hiking, and Chuck Mangione; he is known to disapprove of things such as the suffering of others, poverty, and alcohol poisoning.

Something few people know about Sean is that he once found a dying squirrel in the road and spent weeks nursing it back to health. It recovered and he elected to care for it; he took it with him everywhere, named it, cherished it as a son. spontenously combusted shortly thereafter and died a much more painful death than if Sean had ever touched it.