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This PHP application is perfect for having one or many employees log and track their hours. This tool allows you to create and manage tasks for any number of projects. It allows you to then assign these tasks to specific employees.

You can assign an hourly wage to each employee. You also can specify how many hours each employee is supposed to work on a weekly basis in order that you might determine who is working more (and who less) than anticipated.

Easy to understand reports are generated, allowing you to track the accumulated cost of each project by task and person.

From an employee standpoint the tool is extremely easy to use and you will not hear complaining about complexity. Employees can input hours as they work them and continue to update them throughout the week. They can also retro-actively add (or update) hours for work done in the past. A text field is available for notes to be entered regarding their work. (optional)

Please Demo the tool to see if you find it useful!

Contact me if you have interest in this application. I will be happy to not only provide the tool for use on your website, but will personally INSTALL IT FOR YOU, free of charge. If you do not currently have a website, I will host the tool on my server for you.

The cost of this application is $31.50. The application is provided as is. If you wish to have the tool modified (perhaps to fit the style of your current website), I can provide this service for an additional fee. Please Contact me with questions.

Demo the application. (Manager View)

Demo the application. (Employee View)

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"I am willing to modify this tool to suit your business needs. Please contact me with questions." - Posted by Sean Dempsey on Thursday Feb 7th, 2008 at 1:44pm