Use a CMS to Edit Your Own Content!

CMS? What is it?

A content management system (CMS) is used so you can edit your website content yourself rather than have to email me to change it.

A web based content management system (CMS) helps you manage your own data. Primarily the CMS manages the layout and presentation of the site. However, it can also be used to manage users and permissions for the site, manage other dynamic modules, and many other things. And most importantly: it's extremely easy to use! (no technical expertise necessary)

For example, this entire page is an a very simple CMS. You have just been granted ADMIN PRIVLEDGES to edit this page. Click on any text (for example this paragraph), and you can edit it! Try it out.

Why is this important?

Static websites are fairly easy to design but often hard to maintain (effectively). Search engines such as Google give more importance to the websites which are updated regularly.

For a static website, in order to effectively update your site content on regular basis, you would require me to give you continuous support. Though I do offer this service under my webmaster support package, if you need to make immediate changes to content, even my 24/7 webmaster support may not be fast enough.

Thankfully, this dependency is what a content management system (CMS) is specifically designed to solve! Now you can update pages "on the fly" whenever you want!

Benefits of My CMS

Demo my CMS here.

Use the username admin and the password password to login.

Once logged in, you will have complete access over the content. Try clicking a part of the text to reveal an editable textbox into which you can type. You have full control over style, font size, text color, lists, tables, images, etc.

My CMS also allows you to take control of your site navigation (menu), your user base, and any other features necessary to control your website. To access the backend "admin site" for this page use this link.