Webmaster at Your Service

A Webmaster: What is it?

A webmaster is simply one who manages a website. This role can range in duties from design work to content management.

No More Tech Stuff For You

If you do not want to worry about personally updating your website, altering the look of your site, or managing problems if they come up--then hiring an experienced webmaster may be very valuable to you.

Should you choose to hire me to "take over" responsibility for your website, I will be on call as much as you need to make sure it is performing as desired.

As part of my responsibilities as webmaster I will do any/all of the following:

  • Handle ALL technical issues/concerns/problems that arise
  • Edit the content all pages you currently have on your website (up to 40 pages)
  • Edit/create/optain images as necessary (buttons, stock photos, etc)
  • Handle the stylistic elements of the site (more info)
  • Add additional content to pages as desired. (I'll take your specs and implement them)

The fee for this service is $45/mo.

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This fee would cover an unlimited number of content changes/augmentations to your current website for as long as I am webmaster. Changes to the site can be easily discussed with me via email, instant messaging, phone, video conferencing, fax, or any combination of these.

Quick Changes

Simple changes can be implemented in minutes while on the phone with you. For most emailed requests, I can provide a 2-3 hour turnaround time (from when the email gets to me to the moment the change goes live). Larger changes can take as long as a day or two.

It is my guarantee to implement your changes/additions quickly and efficiently!

More Than Support?

I provide a number of additional services which can be extremely helpful to you and your business. My work can encompass a wide range of duties, but most involve the installation of web services and/or features for your website. An example would be if you wanted to install a user forum, a login page, or integrate Paypal....
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Please do not hesitate to Contact Me with any questions regarding these or other sevices.

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