Building a Professional Website

The Three (3) Phases Explained

Choosing a Look

Choosing a look and feel for your site is important and helps set the tone for your visitors and potential customers. There are many factors to consider when considering a style for your site. To name a few:

  • Navigation (sidebar and/or top menu(s))
  • Consistency
  • Logos / branding
  • Image placement

A professional and well-designed site design can sometimes mean the difference between a sale or no sale. You should always strive to have your site design cater to your demographic (your user base).

There is a lot to consider: What images should be used (or no images)? Where should your navigation links be placed? What colors scheme should you use? Creating a website's design is a job for an artist much more than for a business-person!

Fortunately there are many options available to make sure you stick out in the crowd! Click here to examine your options for choosing a design.

Explanation Benefit(s) Drawback(s) Cost (range) Comments
Professional web designer A professional web designer (or company) will work to create a site design tailored to your business.
  • a unique and original look that no one else has.
  • Multiple "rounds" of creative back-and-forth collaboration allowing you to critique and improve the design
  • Expensive
  • Lengthy process: 2-5 weeks
  • $600 - $3000 I know and work with a wide variety of professional web designers. I can help you with this process.
    Purchased Template* You can purchase professional, pre-created web templates online.
  • Cheaper than using a hired professional
  • Quick. Easy. Efficient
  • Other websites may use this template (not unique)**
  • $45 - $200 I use frequently
    Free Template* FREE web templates are avialable online.
  • Free is good
  • Quick. Easy. Efficient
  • Other websites may use this template (not unique)**
  • Free is the best
    Customized Template If you purchase a template or download a free one and want to make modifications to it (customize it), then I can perform this service for you
  • Make the site feel like your own
  • Alter images, change up colors, menu, style, etc
  • None
  • $225 (plus template fee, if purchased) I will work with you for as long as it takes to get your site looking/acting as desired.

    *This template is "as is" -- if you want cusomization, please view "Customized Template".

    **You may choose to purchase the rights to a template. This is usually costly ($2000 - $5000), but will ensure no one else can purchase it in the future.

    Site Content & Features

    Once you have your site looking like you want, it's time to populate the content and place the features your users/customers will want to use. You know your business better than anyone, so the content creation/editing is in your hands! If you choose to ultilize my easy-to-use CMS, you can edit pages on the fly and get the content looking exactly right!

    But maybe your site needs to have a login screen and/or a user base...? Perhaps you need employees to track their hours via a backend page--or want to integrate a shopping cart for your products...? These are all site features that are available to you. See the below list with an approximate price for the "out of the box" application plugged into your site.

    (Optional) Features

    Feature Explanation Price
    CMS (Content Management System) Manage your site content directly -- and immediately! Just click the text you want to edit and it'll open up for editing. Very simple to use. $435/yr*
    Login Page with User Database Manage a 'Members Area' or have a separate place for employees/admins login... $350
    Time Tracking Allow your employees track their hours right on your website! View reports, assign employees to tasks. $350
    Comment (or Question) Board Allow users to post comments/questions directly onto a page. $100
    Site Knowledgebase Maintain a searchable collection of documents allowing your users to get help quickly. $475
    Website Forum (demo) Have your users sign up and discuss...anything you want. $175
    Website Calendar Maintain a calendar of events or functions for your website. $115
    A Customized Feature I can create anything you need! $85/hr
    *This price (for the CMS) is dependent on you hosting your site with me. If you choose to host elsewhere, you must buy rights to my proprietary CMS application--$4350.

    Click here to view more features available.

    Launch & Maintain

    After your site is created and everything looks good, it will be important to maintain it. You'll want to update content on a semi-frequent basis so your users are coming back for new information and/or products. You can do this yourself if you've purchased my CMS or you can have me do it for you (webmaster support).

    In addition, I can work with you to debug any errors that may come up and help you troubleshoot any issues that might take place. I do not simply create your site and walk away. If desired I will be there for you 24/7 should you need assistance or an issue arises.

    Finally, services I offer such as SEO (search engine optimization) and website analytics can allow you to achieve fast results and unlock great revenue potential for your website.

    Please see the below chart of services I offer:

    (Optional) Services

    Service Explanation Price
    Webmaster Support I maintain your entire website top-to-bottom (content/style/images/etc). I will handle any/all issues that arise. $45/mo
    Website Hosting I host your site (and database) on my server and allow inexpensive lease of my CMS. $15/mo
    Website Submission I can ensure your site is listed on all the popular search engines like as Google and Yahoo. $50
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) By examining your industry, your potential customer search terms, and your product(s), I can help tailor your content (and the pages themselves) so your website achieves higher search rankings! I will work to continually monitor how your site performs and provide constant site improvements aimed at achieving greater number of hits and sales. $200/mo
    Analytics Keep track of who comes to your site, what search terms (keywords) brought them there, where they are coming from, what pages are they visiting, etc $7/mo
    Marketing Campaigns Instant hits with online marketing. We can use Google Adwords to make sure certain search terms bring up your site on the first page! Phone Consultation Needed for Quote

    Please contact me with any questions.

    Feature Explanation Price
    'Dropdown' FAQ (demo) If you have a long list of questions and answers, the easiest way to display them is via clickable dropdowns. $45
    Hit Counter Track how many people are visiting your site (or specific pages) $45
    Rotating Image/Quote Rotate an images or quote (randomly) $45
    Site Map Have an easy way for users to navigate. $25